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    Serif WebPlus

    Serif WebPlus is a web design and development application intended for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The application allows users to create web pages and entire web sites using a word-processor-like user interface, preview their pages in a web-browser, and then upload the finished website to the internet, all without having to use, learn or master HTML, FTP, or other web technologies. To allow users to get started quickly, the program even comes with a number of pre-designed templates that can be used as starting points for projects.

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    Serif WebPlus X6

    Released: 2012-06-14
    DVD-ROM (PC)
    Windows 7/Windows XP

    Serif WebPlus X6
    Lowest New Price: $49.95*
    Lowest Used Price: $23.97*
    *(As of 22:36 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Customize and create your own stylish website with no coding
    • Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers
    • Add Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as other social media sharing buttons
    Product Description:
    Easily create professional-quality websites for your business, club, hobby – anything. WebPlus X6 is the all-in-one website designer that combines drag-and-drop simplicity with flexible tools so you can quickly customise stylish templates or create completely unique sites – no technical expertise required.Add your own content, integrate social networks, use interactive gadgets and make money with e-commerce. Use built-in features like forms and polls to engage your visitors, and easily create mobile sites or a mobile version of an existing site. WebPlus X6 has everything you need to succeed, including automated site checking, search engine optimisation, and analytics.

    Serif WebPlus X5

    DVD-ROM (PC)
    Windows XP/Windows 7

    Serif WebPlus X5
    Lowest New Price: $26.99*
    Lowest Used Price: $24.47*
    *(As of 22:36 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Design websites from scratch with drag-and-drop simplicity - no HTML knowledge required - or use beautiful templates that are easy to customize.
    • Comprehensive e-commerce with step-by-step setup wizards.
    • 6-months free hosting, web address, and email to get you started.
    Product Description:
    WebPlus X5 is the ultimate website design software, ideal for small businesses, organizations and home users. Drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface,and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if you’ve never done it before. Everything you need to create a professional-quality website is in this one box.

    Serif WebPlus X5 Student/Teacher

    CD-ROM (PC)
    Windows XP/Windows 7

    Serif WebPlus X5 Student/Teacher
    Lowest New Price: $29.99*
    *(As of 22:36 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

    Click Here
    • You can design your website from scratch or, to get up and running really quickly, use one of the professionally-designed templates. There are templates to suit everyone and customising them is easy because you don't need to know HTML.
    • Shopping online is more popular than ever. WebPlus X5 gives your customers a secure way to pay by card on your website. We've teamed up with popular shopping cart providers PayPal, RomanCart, and Mal's.
    Product Description:

    Serif WebPlus X5--Professional-Quality Web Sites Made Easy

    WebPlus X5 is the ultimate web-site design software for small businesses, organizations, and home users. You don't need to know any HTML--drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface, and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if you've never done it before.

    Setting the standard for web-design software!
    • Design with drag-and-drop simplicity--no HTML required
    • 6-months free hosting, web address, and email
    • Beautiful templates that are easy to customize
    • Comprehensive e-commerce with step-by-step setup wizards
    • Interactive gadgets, live feeds, and multimedia streaming
    • Unlimited sites, pages, web gadgets, and store items
    • Management tools help with SEO and maintaining sites
    • Design and photo-editing tools built-in--no need to buy or learn any other software
    See how WebPlus X5 compares to other packages.
    WebPlusX5 Comparison Chart
    View larger.
    Web-site design made easy. No need for HTML!
    Web design made easy
    Web design made easy.

    You can design your web site from scratch or, to get up and running really quickly, use one of the professionally designed templates. There are templates to suit everyone and customizing them is easy because you don't need to know HTML or any other complicated programming language.

    Simply drag and drop what you want, such as buttons, photos, text, and more, onto your page. And it's just as easy to add music, videos, Flash banners, or anything else you might want on your web site. You can even change the entire color scheme in just a couple of clicks. When we say easy, we mean it!

    Free hosting included

    Get online straight away! When you buy WebPlus X5, you'll get six months web hosting absolutely free!

    It's not just any hosting, it's six months of our Silver hosting package. That means you'll get 250 MB of web space--enough for all but the largest sites, 2 GB of bandwidth every month, a personalized email address, and a sub-domain that is unique to your web site.

    WebPlus Hosting

    WebPlus X5 includes six months of Silver hosting with every WebPlus X5 purchase. Free hosting is applicable to new accounts only.

    Your own unique web address

    Get an address for free in the format You can upgrade to a different hosting package if you would like your own .com or similar web address. If you have an existing domain name you can transfer it to a Serif hosting package.

    2 GB monthly bandwidth

    This is enough bandwidth volume for a popular website with low demands on traffic (e.g. text and images), or for light traffic if hosting your own video or other large files. Content streamed from other servers e.g. YouTube does not affect your bandwidth.

    250 MB storage

    A web site comprised of text and images will not likely ever fill this space, leaving enough room for some of your own video and audio if you wish.

    1 email address

    In the format

    Secure e-commerce
    Secure e-commerce.
    Secure e-commerce made easy

    Shopping online is more popular than ever. WebPlus X5 gives your customers a secure way to pay by card on your web site. We've teamed up with popular shopping cart providers PayPal, RomanCart, and Mal's so you can be sure it will work smoothly and that all of your customers' details--and money--are safe.

    It's easy to set up a store on your web site: a wizard will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do. Add as many items as you like and even include different pricing based on color, size, model--anything! You could be selling your products and services worldwide in minutes!

    Online booking, maps, and more
    Online booking, maps, and more.
    Online booking, Google Maps, blogs, forums, and other interactive widgets

    Take bookings for your B&B, venue, restaurant, or anything else with the interactive online booking system and make it easy for your customers to see what days and times are available by color-coding available slots on an interactive calendar.

    Your customers will find you easily when you put a Google Map on your site. They are free and easy to add, and you can even show the front of your building.

    Get direct feedback from your customers and encourage discussion by adding a forum or blog where they can post comments--it's a great way to add reviews without having to ask for them.

    Entertain with YouTube
    Entertain visitors with YouTube videos.
    Entertain visitors with YouTube videos, slideshows, live Twitter feeds and much more!

    Embed or stream your own videos and music on your site--ideal for showing off your products and services, promoting your band, or just as an easy way for friends and family to see your home movies.

    Display your photos in stylish galleries or link your Flickr account so uploaded photos are automatically displayed in slideshows on your site. You can even live stream from news sites, Twitter posts, RSS feeds, and more so your site is always up-to-date with fresh content.

    Stylish web buttons and graphics

    Add some of the many professionally designed styles, fills, instant shapes, logos, and web graphics to your site. Or design your own buttons and graphics from scratch and build intelligent navbars easily in the new Button Studio.

    WebPlus X5 also comes with powerful image-editing tools so you can adjust and enhance photos, remove backgrounds, add effects, and more. And because you can do this all in WebPlus, you don't need--or have to learn--any other design software.

    Now you really can create a web site to look exactly as you want it to.

    Optimized sites
    Optimized sites generate more traffic.
    Optimize sites: increase ranking for more traffic!

    Make sure potential customers can find your site by using the built-in SEO in WebPlus X5. There's no need to pay a professional to improve your page ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

    To help optimize your site even more, we've made it easy for you to add Google Analytics, for free of course. It will report on page view times, site browsing habits, and other visitor behavior patterns to help you understand which pages are working for you and which ones you need to improve.

    Web-site design software with total freedom

    Create as many web sites as you like with WebPlus X5. There are no limits on anything, including the number of pages you can have, items in your e-commerce stores, or where you host your web sites.

    Design your web site in the office, at home, or on the move then publish with one click. And keep your web site up-to-date wherever you are--edit blogs and update content from any computer with an internet connection. WebPlus X5 is as flexible as you are.


    Drag and drop
    Drag and drop artwork from the gallery.
    View larger.
    Mini cart
    New e-commerce mini cart.
    View larger.
    Create navbars
    Select from 80 navbars or design your own.
    View larger.


    The flexibility and power of WebPlus X5 makes designing and uploading professional-quality web sites simple and easy--and you don't need to know HTML because it handles all the code writing behind the scenes!

    This all-in-one web-site design software works perfectly in Windows 7, Vista, and XP and offers stylish and functional site navigation, e-commerce facilities, and Flash compatibility. It comes with all the tools you need to create attractive graphics and edit your photos, as well as smart web gadgets like blogs, forums, and RSS feeds.

    All of this makes WebPlus X5 ideal for creating web sites for businesses, clubs, organizations, hobbies, or specialist sites like blogs, online portfolios, photo galleries, and more.

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