How To Make Web Animations with a photo/JPEG background
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    How To Make Web Animations With A Photo Background


    The main formats for presenting graphics on the web all have advantages and disadvantages.

    This is illustrated in the following table:

    Format Animation Max. Colors Transparency Good for Photos Good for Continuous Tone Images
    GIF Yes 256 Yes No Yes
    JPEG No 16,777,216 No Yes No
    PNG No 16,777,216 Yes* Adequate Yes
    * Transparency is not supported on all browsers, for more information see PNG-supporting Browsers

    Now one obvious thing that you can see by reading this chart, is if you want animation you need to use GIF, but if you want to present photographs you need to use JPEG (or perhaps PNG).

    But what if you want to show an animation on top of a photographic background?

    There's no obvious solution in the chart!

    Fortunately, as far as web design is concerned, there is a solution: take advantage of GIF's transparency option, plus a bit of clever HTML coding, to place the transparent GIF on top of a JPEG background.

    In this tutorial, I'll show you how (in three chapters):
    1. Selecting Graphics
      First, we'll get some GIF animations, and a nice background.

    2. Slicing Up The Background
      Next, I'm going to slice up the background into segments. The idea is that each GIF animation can be placed over a separate segment.

    3. Putting It All Together
      Finally, we'll put it all together, to look like one combined graphic, using HTML.

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