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    Banner Design Tutorial
    Banner Display Tutorial
    Color Combinations Tutorial
    Color-Safe Conversion Tutorial
    eBook Covers Tutorial
    Favicon Tutorial
    GIF + Photo Tutorial
    Good Web Design
    Image Slice Tutorial
    Image Tiling Tutorial
    Imagemap Tutorial
    Photography Tutorial
    Prevent Copying Tutorial
    Screenshots Tutorial
    Should I Use Flash?
    Text to Images Tutorial
    Web Image File Formats
    More Graphics Tutorials
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    Graphics Tutorials

    Tutorials are available on the following topics, click a link to jump to the corresponding topic: Or, scroll down and select a tutorial:-

    CAD See also: Tutorials offered by other sites:
    • AutoCAD Tutorials - Fastest Way To Learn
      Need To Learn AutoCAD or Revit In A Hurry? Our AutoCAD and Revit Video Tutorials cover everything you need to get started quickly. Guaranteed.

    • CADD Primer
      CADD PRIMER is a beginner's reference book on computer aided design and drafting (CADD and CAD).

    • CAD eBooks

    Dreamweaver See also: Tutorials offered by other sites:

    Tutorials offered by other sites:
    • Master The GIMP
      Now, there's a 1-2-3 Fast & Easy Way For You To Master GIMP And Start Designing Amazing Graphics in 180 Minutes Or Less... And It doesn't matter if you're a complete graphics newbie or a seasoned design pro, you can discover the secrets of GIMP and create graphics that practically JUMP off your screen!

    • Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP
      Step-By-Step Breakthrough Videos Show How Any Internet Newbie Can Churn Out Professional Graphics In Just Minutes... Using Freely Available Graphics Software
    See also:
    HTML and Web Design
    • Good Web Design
      The principles of good website design.

    • How To Design A Banner
      A guide to designing your own banner advertisements.

    • How To Display Banners
      In this tutorial, we'll look at the different techniques for displaying banner adverts on your web site.

    • How To Make A FAVICON
      A FAVICON is a small graphic that can be used to represent your web site. It is displayed in some browser's addresses bars and/or favorites/bookmarks. In this tutorial, we explain how to create your own FAVICON.

    • How To Make An Imagemap
      An imagemap is a graphic which has different clickable regions. For example, it might be a map of the world, which takes the user to a page about a particular country when they click on it. Discover how to create your own image maps using this tutorial.

    • How To Make Web Animations With A Photo Background
      If you've been creating web pages for a while, you're probably familiar with GIF animations. However, GIF files are limited in that they can only contain 256 colors... which isn't enough for photographs. In this tutorial, you learn a technique which allows you to display GIF animations on top of a photographic background.

    • How To Prevent Image Copying
      You spend a lot of time creating and putting images on you web site, and what happens? Some idiot rips them off! While I can't show you a technique to prevent all copying (there isn't one), I can show a variety of methods that make it harder for people to copy images without your permission.

    • How To Slice An Image Into Smaller Images
      A common task that webmasters need to perform is to slice a big image up into smaller segments. If you have a fancy (expensive) paint program with a built-in function for this, there might be a built-in function for this... but if not, the Windows Paint accessory can do the job.
    • Should I Use Flash?
      There are many attractions to use Flash as part of your website design, but there are disadvantages too. In this article, we address the issue, and how you should decide.

    • Web Image File Formats
      How to choose a file format for your web graphics and images.
    See also: Tutorials offered by other sites:
    Image Design and Capture
    • How To Make 3D eBook/Box Covers
      An overview of the different techniques for making "3D" eBook and Box cover images.

    • How To Make A Tiling Image
      Want a background for your web page? This tutorial shows you how to make images that smoothly tile together, even if starting from an existing image. Don't worry if you don't have fancy software - you can even use the Windows Paint accessory.

    • How To Make Screen Shots
      In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to grab images off the screen. This is very useful if you're writing tutorials or reviews of web sites or software.

    • How To Take Photographs With Your Computer
      A discussion of how to take photographs with your computer, and how to achieve the best results.

    PaintShop Pro

    See also: Tutorials offered by other sites:
    Photoshop See also: Tutorials offered by other sites:
  • Photoshop In A Day
    A Complete Photoshop Guide For People Who Hate Normal Manuals, Aimed At Beginners And Beyond. A Clearly Written And Illustrated E-book With A New Easy Method Of Learning And Avoiding The Confusion Of Most Manuals. It Will Take The User To Advanced Level.

  • Photoshop Video Tutorials
    An easy-to-follow method that will give you the skills you need to design anything you want. Design web sites, album covers, T-shirts, download buttons, banners, flyers, eCovers, etc.

  • Quickly And Easily Edit Your Digital Photos Like The Professionals
    Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop To Quickly And Easily Edit Your Digital Photos Like The Professionals.

  • Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop
    Create Digital Backgrounds In 5 Minutes With Photoshop. Video Download!

  • Photoshop eBooks
    • How To Make Text From Images
      In this tutorial, I'll show you to make text that is made up from images. These types of images can look really cool, and are often very effective when used on the web. I do realize that there are some specialist programs that can do this task for you... but if you don't have one, you can do it using the Windows Paint accessory!
    See also:

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